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Write. Capture. Create.

Lelindé Omallah Page (she/they) has taken an atypical professional path. For her first job, she worked as a barista at age 16. Her career in restaurants lasted 16 years and stretched from fast-casual to ultra-fine-dining. While working, she earned a BA in Social Welfare with an English Minor. After graduating in her thirties, she worked for 2 years as a database administrator for a nonprofit. In 2022, she started a small business with an aim to publish her writing and photography. These two lifelong passions had always taken a backseat to “real jobs.” In February 2023, her first professionally published photo appeared in The Sun Magazine.

A photo taken amid the branches of a monkey tree. Jagged branches twist and turn through the image in greens and browns and pale crimsons.
“The Mind of a Monkey Tree (Part 2)”
An up-close photo of a monkey tree limb. The end of this green, geometric branch forms a sharp-edged fractal, with its jagged origin visible in the background.
“The Mind of a Monkey Tree (Part 1)”

Lelindé is currently working to build her small business. She sells museum-quality, canvas fine art prints of her photography on Etsy, and she is always writing. She submits stories to potential publishers regularly and is building a collection of her short fictions, essays, poems, and creative nonfictions. Themes range from fictionalized facsimiles of deep-dark wounds from her childhood, to idealistic essays on collective power and the noosphere.

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